The Fashion Influence of Generation X in Millennials Era

Gen X get their very name from the fact that they had the 'X' Factor, the unknown element that makes them vary of being stereotyped or labeled. Technically the generation before us, our parents  or elder siblings perhaps (1965-1980 born so between the age group 35-50) is the X GENERATION who in this era of millennials continue to be very strong influences on our lifestyle and shopping choices.  Although we millennials have a very strong individual streak in us, there is a an equally strong influence of the GEN X on our choices consciously or unconsciously. Its amazing how these fashion styles from the past boomerang into the present and flaunting them ensures that you are the chicest person in town! Histpry truly repeats itself.

 From the oversized sunglasses to the shararas, Let's see how the GEN X still manages to influence the market,  fashion and style in the era of the Millennials-




They were big then, and well they are huge now. No wardrobe is complete without a liberal infusion of florals, especially during summers. Millennials love florals as much as our Gen X did. Be it dresses, tunics or accessories, florals continue to wow.


THE SHARARAS AND GARARAS Time changes, terms change, the style still remains the same. What was previously the humble sharara is now the universally loved Palazzo pants and young and old alike are loving it equally. You can in fact steal a few from your mom's cupboard too if you please.




Originally a 70s style, polka dots were very popular with Gen X and they are back with a vengeance in the millennial's wardrobe too.



A style that was popularly known as Platform heels with the Gen X is re born as Wedges for the millennials, none the less, they remain as popular with the mommies as with the daughters.



 Big round bindis with ethnic wear were a huge trend then and are so popular even now. Adding a big bindi with your saree and suits definitely makes for an impactful statement in the millennial era.


Choker necklaces

An effortless way to add drama to a ho hum outfit, chokers are this season's biggest accessory. We love it for its versatility — it can be worn with tees and jeans as well as elaborate gowns. But a word of caution: those with shorter necks should opt for slightly longer chokers instead of chunky small ones.



There were a lot of straight suits with pants in the 90's that are now making a huge comeback. Straight kurtas with skirts or with cigarette pants are one gorgeous Gen X trend we so love today as much!




Gen X are the original bohemians, the free spirited tassels and fringes on dresses, the stud and rivets that Millenials are so rocking today were conceived and popularized by our Gen X.



Capes and short capes is how the millenials have interpreted the humble ethnic jackets that were extremely popular with Gen X. Show me a new gen wardrobe without one and I will show you the extinct Dodo.



It was Gen X that started experimenting with bold hair colors all thanks to the popular rock culture influences. The Reds and blues and the yellows that Millennial are now flaunting as the cool statement have been done and dusted by our previous Generation, Period. Also the bangs and fringes, beach waves  and curls, you just need to pick up your mum's yearbook to get ample proof of that.



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